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Our academy provides:

  • 8 Weeks or fundamental training and development
  • Fun and passion for soccer 
  • Equipment & Facilities Provided
  • Small sided games
  • Post-Game Activities

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Welcome! Spring Season 2016 Begins April 23 - June 11th

Our Youth Soccer Academy (OYSA) proudly provides a fun and safe soccer experience for the youth of Irvington, New Jersey. 

OYSA is an educational youth development program organized to promote the growth of student athletes and help our players become positive  members of our local community.  We teach our students the value of sports and education by immersing them in a fun and exciting soccer experience. Along with soccer fundamental training, we promote good health,  personal discipline, social skills, and instill the importance of academics.

In addition, OYSA provides education, mentoring, and a healthy youth life style education. Our programs encourage fun and enjoyment as a means to achieving success. We work with the Irvington School District and the Irvington Recreation Department to create an affordable sports program available for all local residence.

We look forward to continuing to serve the residence of Irvington and Essex County!

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